Welcome to White Diamond Edits


With over eight years experience working with authors and publishers, editing is my passion. I strive to provide affordability and excellence for aspiring authors.

My editing services will give you the guidance needed to lift your book to the next level and move it one step closer to publication. It will allow you to produce a book free of the kinds of errors and mistakes that Amazon reviews just love to find. You’ll be able to publish your book with a new confidence.

I specialise in all genres of fiction, novellas and short stories. I ensure quality editing and feedback, polishing your manuscript whilst never deviating from your unique author voice or altering the elements which distinguish your story. My feedback will allow you to fix major plot issues, ensure your book flows well and that you’ve addressed all the little grammar problems. I also provide a detailed editor’s report that will guide you in your rewriting by pinpointing the problems and explaining the solutions.

If you have completed several drafts of your book and are looking for honest, unflinching advice before you proceed onto a final rewrite, then my editing services are perfect for you and your book.



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  1. Hi Jacqui. I saw your post on Goodreads. I’m an aspiring writer who wrote several fiction thriller short stories ranging from 10 pages to twenty five and also a 230 page fiction thriller novel. I’m looking for editing and proofreading services so I can try to submit it to publishers all on a low budget. Let me know what your rates are and if you need a sample. Thanks Jim.

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